Association “Bulgarian-Romanian Trans-Border Mediation Institute (BRTMI) is a Bulgarian non-governmental organization registered in public benefit, which has been working for 13 years to support children and youth at risk and their families in Ruse Region. Provides expertise in the development and implementation of innovative programs to support children from vulnerable groups, parental counseling, parental capacity building, supporting teachers and social workers to improve interaction with their target groups, training, supervision and others.
BRTMI directs its efforts in the following main areas:
• Educational and social integration for children and students from marginalized and vulnerable communities;
• Identifying, motivating and activating young people aged 15 to 29 who are not in education, employment or training (NEETs);
• Promotion of various fields for application of mediation such as: restorative justice, educational (school) mediation and advocacy for legislation and policies changes which should include opportunities for their wider application;
• Local communities support, with a focus within Roma subgroups, on overcoming negative stereotypes, prevention of discrimination and empowerment for social inclusion;
• Social services provider.


Maya Mihaylova

Maya Mihaylova holds the position of Policy Development Manager at BRTMI Association. She has an extensive experience in the implementation of various projects aimed at supporting vulnerable groups. Coordinates a network of partner educational institutions and supports their principals to implement inclusive education policies. Certified mediator and soft skills trainer. Her professional interests are focused on researching good practices to improve people’s well-being.