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Use of cookies

Cookies are short text files or small packs of information stored through the internet browser of your end device (computer, tablet, laptop or mobile) when you visit different websites and internet pages. The main aim of the cookies is to make the user recognizable as they come back to the website again. Some cookies have more specific application, for example, to memorize the user conduct on the site and to ease the user while utilizing the website. More information on how cookies function you can find on the internet.

How cookies are used on this website?

We use cookies on this website mostly aiming at facilitating the usability of the website, improving its functioning and storing information about user conduct. During this process there is no storage of personal data i.e. through the cookies of the site we cannot identify you as a person; consequently for collecting this information the Law for Personal Data Protection of is not applied. The collected information from cookies is usually used in summarized kind for the analysis of user conduct on the website which allows us to enhance site functionalities, user paths and used content.

It is possible cookies to be used for the aims of direct marketing, exactly presenting electronic trading messages to the user out of the website.
What cookies are used on this website?

Session Cookies
This kind of cookies facilitates using the website as they store information temporarily only during the session of the used browser. Usually the information stored through them is what pages on the site you visited and how you reached the given information. These cookies do not collect information from your end device and are deleted automatically when you leave the website or conclude the session on your browser.

Permanent Cookies
They give us opportunity to store definite information for surfing like analyzing site visits, for example, how you reached the website, what pages you looked at, what options you chose and where you were directed through the site. The tracking of this information gives us opportunity to enhance the website including error correction and expanding the content. The expiry period for storing such cookies varies according to their specific function.

Third party cookies
It is possible the website to have links to other sites or firmware from other sites like Facebook, YouTube, Mailchimp or other partnering websites. It is possible when visiting these sites or opening their content cookies from them to be stored on your end device. Namely those cookies are defined as third party cookies as we do not have control over generating and managing those cookies. That is why we advise you to search for information about them and their managing methods on the websites of the third parties.

How can I manage cookie usage on this website?

You can manage cookies on the website through settings of your browser and always have a choice to change the settings when choosing accept, reject or delete cookies. The settings of the browsers are different so to manage the cookies you need to stick to the settings of your browser.

If you want to learn more about the cookies, please, visit the following websites which offer detailed information about the kinds of cookies, how to use them and how you can manage your preferences regarding the cookies.
Cookiepedia – How to manage cookies or

Also, please, click below for detailed information how to deactivate and delete the cookies in some more commonly used browsers:
Mozilla Firefox®
Microsoft® Internet Explorer
Google Chrome™

Turn off or block cookies
Controlling, turning off or blocking the cookies is managed from the settings of your browser. Have in mind that a total ban on using all cookies may reflect on the functional performance of the site, its effectiveness and access to certain information.

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