Video events records

Advanced training seminar in Ruse

Socio-economic situation of Bulgarian citizens. Inequalities in the field of labor and employment.

Dr. Stoyanka Cherkezova

Date: 20-21.09.2022

The employment agency – an effective intermediary in the labor market for all people

Rumyana Boneva and Darina Mihaylova, DRSZ – Ruse

Date: 20-21.09.2022

Social legislation in Bulgaria – legal structures and practical implications

Tsvetelin Simeonov, Svetlana Dimova and Nina Dimitrova, DSP – Ruse

Date: 20-21.09.2022

Social services in support of human development and dignity

Teodora Gerganova, RKO “Karitas”

Date: 20-21.09.2022

Cultural diversity, identity and intercultural sensitivity

Prof. Dr. Ilona Tomova (IPHS Sofia)

Date: 20-21.09.2022