Diakonisches Werk

The Diakonisches Werk Hamburg (DW HH), Landesverband der Inneren Mission e.V., is the umbrella organisation for voluntary welfare work of the protestant church in Hamburg, responsible for around 340 legally independent organisations with 1760 social institutions and services. It is a provider of social work with Hamburg-wide services in the areas of livelihood security, migration and women’s social work, families and senior citizens.
DW HH’s facilities include migration counselling centres for adults, integration centres, the counselling centre for the recognition of degrees acquired abroad, a specialist counselling centre for newly immigrated EU citizens and street social work for homeless EU citizens. Since 2012, the partnership work department has been promoting the networking of organisations from Bulgaria, Romania and Poland.


Mrs. Sangeeta Fager

Project Manager

Is a social scientist working in the fields of migration, gender equality and diversity orientation in social institutions. She has been working on transnational social work for several years, connecting organisations and people in social services across countries to improve and facilitate access for poor and marginalized people.
She also works as a trainer for diversity issues. Here, she focusses on sensitising for the need of cultural receptiveness, anti-racism and discrimination advocacy, gender equality and an integrative approach in service provision.
Empowering people to lead a life in dignity and wellbeing is motivation and orientation for her work.

Mrs. Velina Weber

Velina Weber has been working at the Diakonisches Werk Hamburg since 2014. She is currently working as a social counsellor in a project, which counsels and supports newly immigrated people from the EU (mainly from Bulgaria, Poland and Romania) who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or belong to another vulnerable group. In addition to social counselling, Velina Weber is responsible in the project for the pool of volunteers, as well as for the focus on anti-discrimination.