HAW Hamburg

The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW), Germany, is one of Germany’s most distinguished and largest universities for research and education. Practice orientation is our trademark: theory from lectures is put into practice in the laboratories, study projects are completed in the form of case studies, close cooperation with industry, practice and policy-makers ensures a direct link to the future field of work. The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences conducts BA/MA courses that articulate economic dynamics, global competition, social justice and safety. Within the Faculty, the Department of Social Work focuses on the interdisciplinary analysis of social exclusion and on developing concepts to foster social participation in precarious and unstable life circumstances.

The degree programme in the Department of Social Work prepares students for a diverse range of social occupations – among other things working with children and young people, with misdemeanants and addicts as well as with the sick and elderly or in social management. The integrated placement as well as projects and studies ensure a continuous contact to the workplace and the students Benefit from the high need for professionally managed social work in a big city.


Dr. Christo Karabadjakov

Project Manager

Dr. Christo Karabadjakov works in teaching and research as well as in research coordination at HAW Hamburg. He is currently researching populism, recognition, identity formation, migration and participation from an ethical perspective.
His research also addresses the cooperation of science and practice as well as the transfer in both directions.

Katharina Strauch

Katharina Strauch is a social scientist and humanities scholar with a focus on diversity-sensitive and interreligious communication and additional qualification as a vocational trainer and counselor of vulnerable groups.
Her main professional concern is to support and assist people and project teams, who are involved in the education
and social sector.